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Welcome to the official website of Olympian Marilyn Okoro.


Welcome to my website! I want to thank all of #TeamMaz for your continued support and I am excited to be able to share my journey en route to 2016 even more directly now through these pages.

My sporting journey began at school where I was exposed to a variety of different sports. In addition to my athletics I played netball, tennis and lacrosse – the latter to county and Junior England level. However, it was my PE teacher at secondary school who encouraged me to try athletics and right from my very first running session I fell in love with my sport and have never looked back.

I have a huge heart for kids, and as an Ambassador for  McCain I  travel all over the UK and take part in their Track & Field Roadshows to meet and inspire kids to get active. I have experience of speaking to and coaching both primary and secondary age groups and I really enjoy making trips to schools in London.

I am honoured to be one of the Youth Sport Trust Athlete Mentors.  I recognise that as an athlete, more specifically a sportswoman, I am a role model to many youngsters – especially young girls. Growing up I had some fantastic people to admire in the world of sport. However, to me their achievements made them appear superhuman.

One of my life goals is to raise more awareness about athletics, starting in schools, where often our careers begin. Whilst people may see their Olympic heroes on TV, I stand testament to the fact that they are all just ordinary people with extraordinary perseverance, determination and discipline, who are motivated and are all encouraged to dream big!

You may have noticed the words Saved By Grace at the very top of my Homepage and if you look closely I have these same phrase tattooed to my right arm. These words are so precious to me because it is indeed by God’s Grace I am here in my dream job, travelling the world and meeting so many amazing people! So let the games begin! Enjoy…

International Honours:

2011 Bronze European Indoor Championships 800m, Silver Medalist 4x400m
2010 European Bronze Medalist 4x400m
2009 World Championships Finalist; 5th European Indoor Championships 800m, Silver medalist 4x400m
2008 Olympic Games: 6th Semi-Finalist 800m, 5th 4x400m; 3rd World Athletics Final 800m
2007 World Championships Semi-Finalist 800m, Bronze Medalist 4x400m; 3rd World Athletics Final 800m; 4th European Indoor Championships 800m
2006 Commonwealth Games Finalist 800m; European Championships Semi-Finalist 400m, 4th 4x400m
2005 Bronze Medalist World University Games 800m, 4th 4x400m; 4th European U23 Championships 800m, Silver 4x400m

Domestic Honours:

600m British Record 1.24.3

4x400m British Record  3.20.1

2012 Aviva UK Indoor Champion 800m
2011 Aviva European Indoor Championship Trials & UK Champion 800m
2010 3rd Aviva European Outdoor Championships Trials & UK Championships 800m
2009 2nd Aviva UK Indoor Championships 400m, 3rd Aviva World Championship Trials 800m
2008 Olympic Trials Champion 800m; 2nd Norwich Union World Indoor Champs Trials 800m
2007 1st Norwich Union European Indoor Champs Trials 800m, 2nd Norwich Union World Trials 800m
2003 1st National Junior Champion 400m

The Team

Johnny Gray

Marc Corstjens, Golazo Sports (Race)


Physio- Paul Hoborough

Tuina Specialist- Errol Lynch

Soft Tissue Therapist – Nusrat Ceesay

Strength and conditioning- Leah Dunthorne

Nutritionist- Matt Jones  


Therapist – Donovan Pyle

Shoe Sponsor: NIKE

Nutrition Support

Special Thanks for continued support to:

ReVamps Clinic

Newcastle Clinic

I would love to say a massive thank you to all of the guys mentioned above without whom I could not do what I do! Each and every one of you  play a huge part in getting me to my best and your expertise and dedication is so much appreciated!